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Welcome to webring, this is parent site http://www.webringnet.com

What is this suppose to mean? This is pseudo name for “We Bring the interNet”. As you may realize internet boost some where in 1990, where WWW was invented by Tim Berners-Lee. Thanks to him. This blog is about activity that happen around cyber space. You may find alot of information here, if you like take photograph and leave you foot print.


One Response

  1. Would you be kind enough to consider being one of the early bloggers to take part here…


    We are hoping to get 1001 bloggers involved. We’ve only just started, so your taking part would be greatly appreciated, and as we promote the idea will lead to lots of visits back to the blogs that take part.

    It’s also a fun way of contributing to a great cause, please take a look.

    I picked up the link to your blog from the WordPress homepage because you posted recently.

    If you want more info or just to confirm this isn’t just blogspam, please email me at any time, with the @ in place properly of course (I hate spam too!)



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